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I just traveled to and from Buenos Aires (Feb 24-Mar 4, 2009) but the only fee I had to pay was the exit tax, which is @ $18. My fiance, who is Argentinian, said it is still being discussed but the government is concerned about the potential impact on US tourism.


So, as this is mentioning, if I were to pay that amount (US Citizen), I would be able to stay in Argentina for 5 years and not the 3 months limit that is present now? Please do let me know, via email if possible. Thanks.


Unpopular as my opinion will be, in this particular case I have no issue with the recipricoal arrangement. The Australian government charges for absolutely everything, and it's not cheap either. Australia just leads the way in making other countries impose the same regulation and fees that we do to everyone else.

And really people, $137US may not be much to you, but for an Argentine it is when they have to enter US, Canada, Aus etc. So let's get some perspective..so blame our own governments for initally imposing this ridiculous tax.


Does anyone know how much the charge is for a Canadian to enter Argentina?

Does anyone know if this is in fact been implemented? I had heard that it was going to be delayed again...


At a time when tourism is declining worldwide because of the worsening world economy this charge will further reduce American tourism to Argentina. I formerly visited Argentina every couple of years. Now it will cost my family an additional $402 to visit (there are 3 of us). That is a significant cost increase and it will cause me me to consider other destinations. Argentina needs American tourists more than America needs Argentine tourists. I would venture to say this charge alone will reduce American tourism to Argentina by 20% or more. That will cost Argentina millions of pesos. They will lose far more than they earn.

moving to argentina

Oh N. sorry that you thought I was complaining. I'm definitely not. I don't see it as unfair at all but I do think it's important that people traveling to Argentina be aware of the new rules.


Why do you complain? we have to pay that in order to apply for a tourist Visa to go to the USA or any other country that requests us that, even if they refuse us access.

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