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Kevin Jones

I've seen dulce de leche frappachinos at Starbucks in Canada, and mate latte's at Blenz there as well... maybe at Starbucks too, I'm not sure.

Either way, the only reason I go to Starbucks at home is due to the fact that there is one on every corner. So as long as the independent cafes outnumber the Starbucks, I think we're safe.

Has anyone seen what cup sizes they serve? small Argentinian coffee cups? or gynormous north american venti cups?

christy g.

Greetings from Statesboro. You blog is AMAZING. Kudos!


That is such a shame, one of the great things about BA is the limited number of bland US and other imported brands. Part of the character of the city is it's independent vibe and local flavour. Adding dulce de leche to a Starbucks coffee doesn't quite do it. I'm sure the generic Starbucks styling and questionable sources of their coffee will remain in tact. Boot 'em out I say!

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