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this site is one of the best from argentinian tv online http://www.canaltrece.com.ar/
some are recorded others live.


Hello, I was going through movingscam.com
and I saw your address there.
I am moving to Argentina soon and I am looking for a moving company, do you have any recommendations?

I would greatly appreciate any info you could give me

Best regards,



thanks. this is exactly what i was looking for

muchas gracias


Oh dear, I love the Argentine accent... I don't know what it is, but I think it's quite sexy. (My Costa Rican boyfriend, who's sitting next to me at the moment, is rolling his eyes/fighting off the jealousy.)

When I was learning Spanish, almost all of my teachers/professors were Argentine, so it never occurred to me that it wasn't the standard Latin American accent. When I moved to Costa Rica, my y's, ll's, and general lilt got some laughs ("haha, listen to the Argentine gringa!"). Anyway, I know better now, but it's always nice to hear this very, very sexy accent. Thanks for the link!

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