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Vanessa Nunez

We are looking at moving to San Raphael sometime soon. I have a 4 1/2 year old who is a Montessori student. I am interested in knowing if a school currently exists or do I need to look into a homeschool option?



I am moving to Argentina in Match of 2010 with my kids. My goal is for them to pick up and 'learn' Spanish, in addition to experimenting the culture.
Because my kids don't speak spanish (though my daughter has an OK base) I don't want them to be too freaked when I throw them into a school. I do believe in submersing them, but i prefer to do it slowly. Does that make sense? Possibly a bilingual school, waldorf,,,??

Any suggestions?
I'm familiar with Buenos Aires. I lived there for nearly four years and I gave birth to my oldest daughter there.


Agustina Temperley

Hola Laura, me gusta mucho tu blog!! es un espacio muy interesante. Tengo una hija de 3 años y decidimos hacer homeschooling; este proyecto creció tanto que decidimos compratirlo con la gente interesada en una educación diferente y por este motivo creamos "JugarConArte" un tallercito en casa basado en actividades Montessori. Empezamos hace poquito y es una experiencia sublime! Te invito a que veas la pagina a vos y a todos los interesados. Como hace poco por ahora son tres los niños que vienen y tengo espacio para recibir a 5 mas! si hay por ahi algun interesado en conocer la propuesta no duden en contactarme o preguntarme cualquier duda que tengan!
Un gran saludo!!

Este es mi blog: www.jugarconarte.wordpress.com

Espero que les guste!

Hasta pronto...


Luisa Woods

Hi Laura and Jen,

I am thinking about moving my daughter to the waldorf school, as she is really struggling with the rigid system of her private school after three years of montessori education. What do you think? Is it an appropriate alternative?


Hi Laura -- I emailed you a while back about your experience with homebirth in BA... Well, we're here, we made the move, and just enrolled our almost 5 year old son at Juana de Arco, the only Waldorf school in the city. We looked at other schools in the suburbs, but it was hard to apply/interview etc., from the USA. So it looks like we're staying in the city! Which -- after three years of country living -- is a good thing.

Anyhow, just thought I'd pipe in... Hope you're well and enjoying your growing baby...


natasha warton

anyone know of bilingual russian schools 1st thru 8th grades or something similar in buenos aires?

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