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Quality Baby Carriers

Very useful Information! Thanks for posting! high five for baby-wearing moms.


Travel Guy, to answer your question, I've flown on several occasions with my baby girl in an Evenflo Snugli Comfort Vent Baby Carrier and I would recommend it to any parent in a similar situation. I was worried about how my daughter would do on the plane, but this carrier allowed her to be in a well-supported position and, even more importantly, let air through so that she didn't get uncomfortable during the flight. It's also great for navigating through crowded airports. If you want to do some more research, here's the site I used: http://wize.com/baby-carriers/evenflo-snugli-comfort-vent-baby-carrier/91499?t=780

Travel Guy

We've actually been looking for a carrier. Do you have any experience traveling with any specific carriers? Airlines and such?

Heather Sauerbrey

I love to read blogs from Argentina!!!

And your is especially dear to me as another attachment parenting, baby wearing mom. I miss Argentina and long to visit, but thats a bit tricky with 4 kids now and a 5th on the way :) Glad that you are sharing the love of ap-ing and bw-ing there in Argentina! I love all the sites you posted.

Wabash Cannonball

Hi! I'm going to put up a link to your blog on my site as a great expat mom blog to read. I love your glimpses into daily life. Makes me want to visit!

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