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Did you know a dentist that you'd recommend (that accepts Medicus) who speaks English?


moving to argentina

Beatriz has new contact information:
It is 15-4046-5676
and instead of gmail it's now [email protected],
and [email protected]


Hi, I'm trying to reach Beatriz but am not sure how to dial that number from a Skype phone. It must start with 54 but am not sure what comes after that (I tried 5415-5423-3346).
I also tried to e-mail her but I didn't hear back. Any suggestions are appreciated.--Deborah


Thank you, Laura, for recommending Beatriz. She not only helped us with insurance, she made us feel at home in a new country. She misses you tremendously and made me miss you too! (though we've never even met). Your entire blog is such a valuable resource. I'm extremely grateful to you for sharing all that you've learned. You've made the transition 100x easier for us. Muchas Gracias!!

Hi Laura,I work in the GBsAs and Beatriz's service was like no other in these parts of the city; and the experience was just as delightful as you said . She came to my place of work, all my questions answered with very thorough information. You can tell she cared about the person she was speaking with - BUENISIMO!!
Thank you very, very much for the recommendation, Laura. Please post my recommendation of Beatriz Tort, her exemplary service and MEDICUS health coverage.

Take Care,

Wojtek Nowak


Can you please tell me what is the overall cost of medical family insurance (2 adults, 1 very small kid).
Are there private insurances which allow you to access private clinics?

Thanks for any info



I suggest getting private insurance for dental and vision and any other medical needs and declaring your wives bipolar disorder ( cos she probably needs other clinical studies if she ever takes lithium, etc ) You probably just have an anxiety disorder, so that is not big deal. Then get a private shrink for your wife ( there are many that speak english and are perfectly able to treat her ) even if she needs to be admitted into a clinic for a day or two, it wouldn´t be crazy expensive. All the meds are way cheaper than what you pay in the US. You should check if the same meds are available here as well ( I know zoloft, ritalin, conazepam are , but not sure about Lamictal, Trazodone, Geodon, and Effexor. There are public hospitals that would treat her for free, although it can be messy and they are not very nice ( yet free ) I believe a private shrink wold charge about 50usd per visit, and a day at a clinic should be around 200-300 usd
Good Luck!


Health care related email thread, reply and open questions. I sent this out to several reps in Buenos Aires:

Hi there,

My wife and I are moving to B.A. in March.

My wife is bipolar and currently is prescribed Lamictal, Trazodone, Geodon, and Effexor. She also is prescribed Clonazepam and Ritalin, but she doesn't take these daily as they are only "as needed."

I am prescribed Zoloft and Ritalin.

I have a couple questions about the health care that we will receive down there and the costs of the health care. Are there any plans that will allow us to keep getting the medication that we are used to?

Also, for people suffering from Bipolar, if she has a manic episode, is there any sort of safe overnight hospitalization for her to keep her from hurting herself? How is mental health care in B.A.?

Next, my wife and I will end up needing some dental work done, is there a plan that includes this? Lastly, I wear glasses, is there a plan that includes vision?

Please let me know. I understand that there are several levels of care in Buenos Aires: Public, Mutuals or Social, and Private. I just want to know which would be the best for us and the least expensive options.

I also understand that my private insurance options include Swiss Medical, Medicus, Galeno, Docthos (which I think is Swiss Medical) or OSDE.

Please let me know what I can do here to help smooth our transition to Argentina.

Thank you for your help in advance,
Joshua Sommer

Hi Joshua, I´m sorry to inform that bipolar is a preexistence that the
insure health here in Argentine don´t cover.



CELULAR 15-5423-3346
AGENCIA SANISIDRO 4743-2141 5788-0139
[email protected]

So, my question is, is there any way around this? I'd really like to have health care for myself and my wife lined up before we arrive in B.A.




moving to argentina

Here is the email for Beatriz: [email protected]
We are now paying about 140 pesos more because of our new baby and the increases in insurance that the government authorized.

andy lott

could we get an e-mail adress for Beatriz?
and how much is insurance costing for your family?

thank you


Hugh Alexander

Do you have her email?? Thanks.

moving to argentina


Yes unfortunately it has been my and many other's experiences. Perhaps I'm becoming a bit jaded as well because I've been working in the sector dealing with real estate and rentals and have heard lots of stories - and not just from expats, but from locals too. Even several Argentines I know feel this way. While this may not apply in friendship situations, when it comes to business dealings, it is more common. This is why the service I receive from Beatriz has stuck out so strongly. She doesn't just take your money today and forget about you tomorrow. While the concept of customer service is increasing, unfortunately it still has a ways to go, especially for expats, so I prefer to highly recommend, without fail, the people I've had great experiences with.



I have to say I was taken back by this remark:

"in this city of people who don't normally go out of their way to help you unless there is a monetary gain for them"

I am sorry that this has been your experience, it has certainly not been mine......


I just want to say that I agree with Laura. I contaced Beatriz when I first arrived here and she has been a complete joy to work with. She came to my school where I was taking classes during my break to make enrolling in Medicus as easy as possible for me. Even though my Spanish was very limited at the time, she made sure that I understood everything about my plan and has always been available for questions that come up. I would highly recommend her!

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