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Alan Patrick

I don't want to be difficult or disagree with what you say just for the sake of it, but I pay 600 pesos a month for my nice studio apartment in barrio norte - I am an extranjero with no garantia, I just came to an agreement with the owner to pay 6 months rent up front.

Also, I quite easily live on 700USD a month here including rent, bills, food, going out etc.

Just wanted to point out that these two things are possible, even if they are not common in today's BA.


hey I used to live in chile and visited argentina many times, im completely fluent in spanish bieng of hispanic descent and have us citizenship. im 21 and my best friend is 22 and between us we have close to 80 grand in the bank, we want to move to argentina rent an apartment in palermo and open up a small clothing boutique/ artist gallery.
i just recently went there and looked around for some apartments but have had a difficult time getting real answeres about opening a business, what can we do?



have you stopped blogging?

hope everything is okay.



I'm looking for some help…

We're starting a podcast for/by people who have immigrated to another country. We'd like to bring stories/articles by contributors FROM every continent, TO every continent. (i.e., a Mexican living in Canada, or a Scot living in France, a Dane living in Japan, an Ecuadorian living in Brazil, an Australian living in Africa, etcetera, etcetera.)

The "immigrant" category is rather large, examples include: expatriates, academics, aid workers, refugees, foreign businesspeople, spouses of "foreigners" etc.

I've written to quite a few organizations searching for good contributors; journalism schools, international corporations, non-profit aid organizations, etc. I've had a lot of interest, but not a lot of actual work submitted.

I was hoping to find help here in the blogosphere, as you all are prolific writers!

Please help! I need people to contribute articles (2-3 pages), 3 times per year. You may of course choose the topic, it may be light or heavy. Please see the guidelines set out in our website in the "contribute here" section.



P.S. Podcasts will be available starting mid-to-late September, please check us out on itunes; Rabbit Hole Daily. (Go to the website for an explanation of the funny name)


Is it safe to say if someone earns $12,000 a month in the U.S. that they would want to earn $12,000 pesos in Argentina to maintain their standard of living?

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