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Peter Blackn

Is there no way for an American citizen to be seen by an MD whose practice is in BA but is also a licensed medical doctor from the United States? What do all the Medicare beneficiaries do when they are eligible for US government paid for tests; prostate exams, …Or the US embassy persons working in Buenos Aires? Surely they do not forgo their entitlements during their stay?

Perhaps it is just a case of getting a good GP in BA and flying back to Miami for the regular SSA exams?

I am seeking any information on a relative in Buenos Aires. His name is Doctor Carlin Cisneros Ruiz. He is retired, but had addresses of Moreno 2915 Capital Federal & Urkisa 2756 Moreno. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Vicky Cisneros de Quinn.

J. Cain

Could you please advise me or refer me to an individual or organization that can advise me on what I would have to do to practice anethesiology in Argentina? I am a 43 year old doctor who loves this country and am considering immegrating. I am board certified and been in practice 10 years. Thanking you in advance, I remain, J. Cain


How much do the health plans cost?

My wife and I are moving there for approx 1.5 years and looking for an emergency plan to evac us back to the states if something MAJOR happens. Any suggestions?


I think it's real dependent on your plan here too, and whether or not you can even get on one. One interesting difference I discovered, having a "pre-existing condition" is that unlike in the States where you can get insurance if you have one, and it's just not covered for x amount of time and/or costs more, here they won't even let you join a plan, and they'll kick you out of one if they find out down the road. The only other options are paying for care at either a private hospital or private office, which, while far cheaper than in the States can still add up, or using the free public health system, which is, bluntly, very impersonal and decades behind current medical standards.

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