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just found your blog while procastinating painting my dowtown Toronto condo. I'm an Argentine expat living in Canada, and I just wanted to say HI, and as soon as i finish my new hobby, painting??, i will catch up reading all your blog, which i find super interesting, specially when i get misty eye missing my BA.
On a side note, i sold my 4 bedroom 3 bathroom semi-apartment 1 block from Recoleta cementery in 2006 for $85000.............and now live in ugly Toronto.

moving to argentina

Mike, If you can offer up a great apartment for 250 or even a bit more in Caballito then I know someone who's bee living there for 2 years looking to move but can't find anything at that rent price anymore. let me know if you know of something and I'll be happy to pass it on! :-)


Sheepishly, I have to write that a 2br for $250/mo in the heart of Retiro can still be done.

If you can beat the market in NYC or Chicago for a sweet 2br you'll have no trouble here.


moving to argentina

Deby Novitz over at Tango Spam had some very interesting comments about this article. She's lived here for awhile and has integrated herself into the culture quite well so listen to her comments with an open mind.


It's the lifestyle and the wonderful people of Argentina that is the attraction of living in Argentina.

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