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I just discovered your well designed and personal blog, and am enjoying it, especially as my daughter and her boyfriend were recently in B.A., and loved it. I am currently reading about the history of Argentina , and this period is so painful, I wonder how a nation protect itself from a repetetion of such atrocoties ? I see Chile making a very sincere gesture to acknowledge and face the pain of the disappeared.
As an expate, do you see this recognition and healing process in Argentina, or do you think it is just too painful for most Argentinians to grapple with ?


I think in times like this when educating yourself about a time in history, you should also take the time to understand why Argentina was ripe for a coup in the 1970s. Many atrocities were occurring to families and citizens before the military came into power and came into power to prevent them.

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Marc and Dan, thanks for he great suggestions. I checked for Garage Olimpo but I don't think it is easily found in the States, Maybe some of the independent movie stores that carry a lot of international films might have it. Here's the link to the information that I found.


Imaginign Argentina is such a bad movie.. one of the worst movies ever.

Checkout Garage Olimpo, La Noche de los Lápices, or La Historia Oficial (although, I dont really like it).

Garage Olimpo is a must.


Olimpo Garage would be another good film to get a sense, on a more intimate scale, of what happened - it was all over the television here last night.

When you get here, make it a point to go to the Palais du Glace national gallery near the Recoleta Cemetery - they are holding an exhibition until April 14 called Memoria which is a very moving photo and art exhibit about the period before and during this era.

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