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Great Site!
I am actually traveling with my 9 month old to Buenos Aires and need help finding a place where I can purchase organic baby food. We use Earth's Best here in the states but not sure if they distribute there or if they have another option for organic baby food. Hoping you can help us out.


My (American) husband and I are looking for root beer and maple syrup, do you know where to find these?

I've gone to Wal Mart, Carrefour, Disco and Jumbo with no luck, but Carrefour does carry Swiss Miss chocolate! So good!

Michael Chubb

I'm looking to make connections with nutritional supplement marketers in BA.
I'm going to be in BA in early December 08... yes i know the time is close to the summer holidays close-down.... however... I'm trying from the web to identify the major brands in the nutritional supplement market there.
Can anyone advise?
I'm asking this questions specifically because I would like to market our brand and our private label services there. Products made in Canada... sold throughout northamerica under other parties brands...
If anyone has any connections that might assist I'd be pleased to hear.
Michael [email protected]


My husband and I are moving with our kindergarten-age son. We speak Spanish in the home and want to send our son to attend a Spanish-speaking Catholic (Jesuit, please!) school. I'm not finding anything online although I know there must be several in BA. Any suggestions?


Greetings...I bought your e-book last year before I finally relocated to BA. I was wondering if you knew where I could find a turkey for Thanksgiving. I have called all the major super markets but unfortunately, they won´t have them until December. Any help??
Thanks a lot.

Cindy Rodriguez

Does anyone know of a baby store like "Babies R Us." We are traveling to BA w/ a 9 month year old, and we need baby food like Gerbers, etc.


Really interesting website. A strange question: do you know of any good organic/health food stores in Buenos Aires and /or Mendoza? I am trying to find some organic maple syrup!
Thanks for any advice you might have.


This might sound crazy but...
our son is featured on a Pampers diaper package sold in Argentina. We are trying to get some sent to us. Do you know any stores that would send to the US. Below is the link featuring his picture and the package.

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