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Very whimsical Holiday Tango cards with envelope for sale . Available printed in black ink or red. Added to the image you see are holiday decorations and HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!! TO VIEW go to www.rightangle.com/bhava (click on VISUAL ARTS, click on CARDS AND BOOKS.)
Please contact to order.
[email protected]


I am in BA for October and November 2008 and will be teaching Dance from Bali, India, Shakti Dance and Movement Expression in San Telmo. Please see my website for more details: www.rightangle.com/bhava
Send me an email at: [email protected]


This a video I uploaded on myhubtv.com on Buenos Aires in spanish that I thought was a cool look at the nightlife in Buenos Aires.


Ruth Brandt

Hi my name is Ruth and I'm a wedding planner specialized in Destinations Weddings . If you know of somebody that wants to get married in Argentina just email me and we can start planning.

Good luck to everybody - Have a nice day

Luis Reggiardo

Hi!, I'm producer from Buenos Aires and we're looking for US & Canadians for a Documentary about "Water as unique resource" to be showed at an International Fair in Spain later this year.

We're looking for Males and Women aged 18-65 years old, from USA/Canada living in Buenos Aires area. Don't need to be an actor, since we're looking for "real" people (its just sit front of the camera and give thoughts about the Water and its future as a natural resouce based on a brief script and your opinions).

If you are interested, or known any who might be, please contact me at: [email protected]


Luis Reggiardo


Hi there!
My name is Sara and I am from Sweden,
As many others I am just dying to move to Buenos Aires and am looking for job opportunities. I am an Interior designer and have worked in Dubai the last 3 years. If anyone could give me som advice or name of companies that would be highly appreciated since im having problems finding them.
I am also considering working as an english teacher, thinking about the TEFL certification.
Really grateful for any kind of help!!



hi there!

thank you for posting such useful information! my bf and i are moving to argentina next spring and i teach yoga (only in english currently). do you know if there is a need for english speaking yoga instructors? i teach privately for people or in studio in class format. we would ideally like to be close to ba on the coast, but if work is in ba - that's where i'll be!

namaste and blessings to you,



My fiancee and i are looking to get married in San Isidro in April 2008. We already have the location selected, but need help with all the wedding details such as flowers, food, photographer, etc. and am looking for a wedding planner. Any leads would be so helpful! I need someone who speaks both english and spanish.
thank you!

Corina Holland

I am currently in the US in North Carolina and am studying and majoring in nursing and spanish ... I am about 1/2 done with my nursing, but have had some set backs. My boyfriend is from Argentina, Mar del plata and he is actuaally graduating from our college in about 2 weeks and going back home. He is here to play basketball and we have been dating goign on 2 yrs and are very very serious. I went to Argentina last July and am going back for about 1 month this summer (or winter there). I LOVE it there and could totally be there with him in the near future for sure!... but We are trying to finish our individual things and he's going back to play ball until he can start to study law when the school year rolls back around there. I am very nervous about how things will play out but there is serious definite talk about me studying there and obviously living there with him. I am sure I want to puruse nursing but dont knwo how valuable it will be to finish here completley (about 1 1/2 more yrs) then go there obviously I will have to study some there to be able to work in nursing, health care, etc. I haven't been able to find much information about studying nursing there, my degree counting or helping me, or how to go about pursuing a health care/nursing degree there, and to be able to not have to study for so so so so long too. I am pretty fluent in reading spanish and on my way to being fluent in speaking, but not there yet, it will come I know with time. Can anyone please please direct me in how to finish here/ pursue there, what is the best route, the best options and opportunities, etc. etc. etc.?? I will take any and everything!!! This blog is great, so please post your replies and information you have, advice, sugestions, facts to help me out! THanks so much you all!!!! Un beso enorme a todos!
~ Corina

Irene DeBerry

I will be in BA at the end of April and was wondering if you could recommend a yoga studio



We are a group of american students in Argentina

We want to find american cheese slides for sanwiches and cream cheese!!

Anthony Dwyer

Love your blog, keep up the good work!

Frank Pirhalla



My partner Brian and I are moving from Washington, DC to Mendoza in three weeks. BIG QUESTION as the movers show-up here this coming Wednesday, 8/23.

We just found out that until you have a permanent visa after three years, you have to pay a "warrant" in order to get your household goods (furniture, dishes, linens, etc.) cleared through Argentine customs.

Does anyone know how much this warrant costs? For example, is it based upon full value of household goods if they were new? used? We're trying to find out if the warrant is going to be so expensive that it is not worth bringing our household goods down to Argentina.

Any quick info would be greatly apprecaited.



gay refugee in argentina

I like to thank you for the link you posted for me.

I have been following your site for long time and find it tremendous and extremely informative.
i will post a link in return


Please go visit www.blackandes.com for information on the nightlife in Mendoza Argentina


Wow! wonderful site!
I am an "expat", from Argentina living in Germany since 1988.
I love your blog! Congratulations and have a nice time in Argentina!

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