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moving to argentina

Hi Jessica, the school in Martinez is supposed to be very good. I have a friend whose kids went there for two years and were previously Waldorf schooled in California. She was very happy with the school and community there. It's quite easy to access if you live in the suburbs but a bit further if you live in the city area.


Happy to find this site! We are a family from Colorado USA looking to have a adventure in Argentina. Our four children attend a Waldorf school and although we are open to a different experience, we are thinking to attend the Waldorf
school in BA. is there anyone out there that knows about the main Waldorf School in BA. ( the one that goes through high school) I have been able to google it but I can't find a contact, and as it is now Jan. 2010, they are perhaps closed for the Summer. Is the Waldorf school bilingual?
What is the location? Is is easy to get around BA without owning a car or should we plan to rent one for the 4 months we will be there? Also I signed up to receive this sight as a blog but I have not seen any come to my email, (it has been a week).
Peace! Jessica


For all of you who want to be your kids ready for schooling & living in Buenos AIres, I´d recommend you contact the AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOl. they are located in Belgrano and have a special kids program (either groups with fixed starting dates or private) and my kids really enjoyed their programs. the teachers not only teach them Spanish but also prepare them for living in Buenos Aires and about Argentine culture! www.amautaspanish.com



We are a family of 5 and we are interested in spending most of June in Argentina. I would like to immerse my children (ages 15, 13 and 9) in a mostly Spanish school in Buenos Aires. Any idea which schools I should contact? I am open to other cities in Argentina. Thanks!


Hi,we just moved from Detroit to BA,looking for a 3rd grade math teacher that would speak english to help out my older son.He finished 3d grade in june,and will start school here in Buenos Aires in March,so i want him to refresh his math.Thanks.you can write me at [email protected]


Hi. My family of four (two kids age 7 and 11) will be living in Mendoza for 7 months beginning in January. I want to enroll them in a Spanish speaking school during that time. Any tips on how we can locate schools there?
Also, we would like to live in or near the countryside. Any ideas on what areas around Mendoza would be good?
Thanks! Great site you've got!


Emily Mueller

Hi! My name is Emily and my collegue and I would like to move to Argentina this summer and teach English in an Elementary school. Are there any other schools in Argentina besides Lincoln than run on a traditional schedule, August to June?

Patricia Collins

Hi, We are a family of four, Jeff, Patty and our two sons, 8 and 7 years old. We would like to move to Argentina next year. I have a question for any of you that is familiar with Buenos Aires International Christian Academy.Do you know how much tuition is? We are Christians, aur children atend The Pilgrim Academy in New Jersey( Christian Scholl) and we would like to very much to continuo to educate our children with biblical principals, if you have any information about the school could you please get back to me as soon is posible. thank you very much.

Hi Cat,

There is a french school - Lycee Jean Mermoz in Belgrano. We are English but our children (4 and 2) were born in Belgium and are bilingual so we will probably send them there when we (probably) move to BA in January.



Hi there
I might be sent to BA by my company in couple of months or so. being french myself, I wanted to know of you ever heard of any french schools there?
what's life like? I am coming from South Africa and I am not sure my son would get comfortable living in a foreign country with a foreign language?
please advise!
Thank you!


heather meece

Hi. I was planning on moving to Buenos Aires at the end of this year. I am a experienced speech therapist in California and would love to help children with their language. I was wondering if you knew of any schools, clinics, or daycare centers who may be in need of a English speaking speech therapist???



Can anyone please recommend a good school/kindergarten in Capital Federal for our 3 year old son (We are currently living in Balvanera)?
Many thanks


Our family is considering the same as your family. Have you found any information on schools for kids ages 8-12?

Arielah and Ouri, CA

I would like to recomend ABC Translations Group. We have used them on various ocasions while preparing our move from US to Argentina. They are extremely professional in their approach, friendly and always finished on time.


My family is planning on moving to Argentina this summer.
We are looking at Mendoza and Bariloche.
We have two children, ages 13 and 10.
Can you recommend any private schools in either of these cities?
We will be traveling to both cities in April and would like to make appointments to see some schools.
Thank you,

John Pryor

I am a pilot who is movinf to Argentina and need to know all about the General Aviation scene there. Lets stay in touch and share info. Please forward any info you may have.

I think most of the schools are closed until Feb. 4. I think you'll have better luck in a week.

m. rose

I am trying to get a teaching position at Lincoln as an elementary school teacher. I have many years experience at a well respected public school in the States. So far I am not getting a response from the administration. Does anyone have any advice?

I am looking for a preschool in Recoleta. Do you have any suggestions?


I will be in Buenos Aires for one month from June to July and I'm looking for a jardín de infantes where only Spanish is spoken for my 2-year-old son. We are likely to stay in the Belgrano area. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Saludos. Colby


Hello, I have just moved to Buenos Aires about 2 months ago from California. I am 23 and graduated from the UC last year in Spanish and Communicaiton. My spanish is good and I am continuing to study the language. I am looking to be a nanny/babbysitter, I love kids and have lots of experience with toddlers and children, but it I feel it is hard to be a nanny without knowing people. What is the best way to meet parents who may need a nanny/babysitter? Thank you so much, Shannon


I am looking for an English speaking speech therapist for my 3 year old son. Also can anyone recommend a good daycare that speaks english?
Thanks Keri

Christy White

I'm sorry: me again (Christy). One more rather important question: I'd be looking for work in BA, and I am not fluent in Spanish. How is the job scene for an American? I currently work as a product marketing manager for a software firm in California. I am a writer with a portfolio of many kinds of writing, including many white papers. Are there multi-nationals hiring? Are there restrictions if I am not an Argentine citizen?

Christy White

This is an amazing resource! I'm looking into moving to BA within the next year with my 9 and 6 year old children. One of my primary reasons is so my children can really know Spanish (they know a little from their Venezuelan father). Therefore, I'm less interested in a bilingual school than in a good Spanish-speaking school. Is there any chance they would not learn Spanish in a bilingual school?



My husband and I currently live in Honduras. He has been teaching 4th grade at an American accredited school for 2 years. We are looking to move and I have set my sights on Mendoza, however we can not find any information on bilingual schools in that area. Any advise?

Thank you,



We are coming to stay in BA for two months starting in October and leaving December. Does anyone know of a good Jardin de Infantes? I have a son who is going to be 16 months old.


i am thinking of moving to argentina for a year, with my daughter, who will be starting kindergarden. how are the public schools, and, is it a possibility for me to just enroll her when i get there. Also i am a single mom traveling alone, how welcoming is the general system to this fact?
thank you!


Hi. I'm an American living in Brazil in a small city where there is no international school. I plan to spend the summer (December and January) in Buenos Aires and I am looking for a school with a good summer program for my 6 and 8 year olds. They do speak English and Spanish but are now learning Portuguese full time so we need some practice in the first two to keep them up. Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Iftikhar Ali Shallwani

I will be arriving in BA in late august. what will be weather like and how can i make my stay in Argentina worth while . I will staying for atleast 2 years and i want to make lot of friends and learn spanish quickly.


Hi I am thinking about doing an exchange to Argentina and would like to know what the public school system is like and also how much private schooling costs approximately. Any advice you have will be much appreciated.


Hello, I am a recent honours graduate from Queen's University in Canada. I graduated with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Spanish. I have several years of experience in working with children with special needs, particularly those who fall under the Autism Spectrum.

Before going into a Masters program I would like to travel to Argentina and possibly work there. Does anyone know of any programs or schools where I could work in similar fields relating to children. I am very proficient in Spanish.

Any help would be so appreciated.
Thank you, take care



Hi I'm thinking about moving to Argentina and I'm looking for a good High School with the American system..can anyone help me?

moving to argentina

sharri, unfortunately I don't have any leads on schools like that. I wish you luck in finding one, I know there are a couple of schools in the city that specialize in special needs kids, but they're taught in Spanish.
Sorry couldn't be of more help!

moving to argentina

Karen, Expeditions are not very common there, but if you're worried about size then no, I've seen Hummers here albeit it not too many. However with the cost of gas you might want to reconsider. Be advised that bringing a car in can be expensive but so can buying one there.


Karen Baer

I will be moving to BA next year and am wondering wheather my current vehicle, a Ford Expedition, is going to be too large. Any comments or suggestions?


This site is very helpful! I am looking into moving to Argentina with a Master's degree in Special Education. This may be a long shot question...but do you know of any schools that are specific to Autism in Buenos Aires?


I do not understand what you are asking; reply to [email protected]


This is a great site! Our family just moved to BA from NJ. We are looking for a daycare/preschool for my 3 year old son. We live in Barrio Norte 2 blocks from Alto Palermo mall. Can anyone recommend a good Jardin de Infantes? Does not have to be bilingual...
Muchas gracias;

mohamed fathi

Dear sir
I am asking about the flying system in argentina
can any person build hours [fly] in english not spanish

mohamed fathi

Dear sir
I am asking about the flying system in argentina
can any person build hours [fly] in english not spanish

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