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Just a comment about your article on having an American Passport with "born in Argentina". I was born in Argentina but live in Canada. I've traveled several times to Argentina with my Canadian passport, where it says that I was born in Argentina. The only problem is that you can only stay 60 days with a Canadian passport. But there are no problems going in and out of the country.


It's almost more fun finding out as you go with all these things, but feel free to e-mail me with questions on some of that stuff if you really want to know in advance. TVs - no, different broadcasting system, but you can pay a local electronics shop to convert them to use locally. DVD players too - although you can find the codes to convert them on the internet from region 1 to region 4 players (we ended up leaving ours as region 1 because of our DVD collection that I brought from the states, only way to keep playing them other than on my laptop), and bought a second one for local use. Organic foods, yes, tons of places. Spanish, it'll come, as long as you make the effort, locals will make the effort to be understood in turn. Medical plans here are interesting - strangely, you may want to wait to "begin" a family until you've arrived and gotten your plan in place - I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of the plans were to consider pregnancy a "pre-existing condition" and refuse to cover baby expenses! Oh, and I've got a good shipping company for packing up and shipping all your stuff here... Keep musing away!

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