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I'm lovinggggggggg ittttttttt!!!! i've missed it so much. While living in NJ i used to have it all the time, and i'm so happy to finally have it at home.


Hi! I bought your book right before I moved to Bs As and really loved it, it helped me so much! Especially the part about bringing bedsheets from home... good call.
I have a question that I thought you may know the answer too.. is there a site to buy used furniture from expats ? (Besides Mercado Libre.com and Craigslist) I didnt know if you knew of a special one.
Thanks so much!


I found Lauras book quite helpful with all the ins and outs about make the move here. Glad I got the book...Worth it!


This book, and accompanying blog is such a great resource. You always want to know "what I wish I had known" before you move to a place, and this book serves that function, and very well! Thank you so much for writing it and putting it up on the web. It is a great reference now that I am down here and it helped so much for setting my life up. I know that it will continue to be a help as my life down here changes and I will continue to find great information!

moving to argentina

Anna, I'm glad the book was so helpful to you!

Henry Whitney

The Buenos Aires British Hospital, (founded in 1840) could well be the best
hospital in Buenos Aires. A good part of the doctors (just over 600 of them!)
studied in the USA or UK and speak English. The main hospital is near Constitucion Train Station. They have 2 clinics in the Southern Suburbs, one down town on M.T. Alvear street and one in Vicente Lopes for the Northern Suburbs.

See www.hospitalbritanico.org.ar

Henry Whitney

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