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Abigail Tañón

Hola Laura,
I just finished reading your book! Thank you so much!! You did a great job putting this book together. You should seriously think about translating it into Spanish. We don't have this kind of information available to us. People just assume that because we speak Spanish is all we need to move to a Hispanic country. GRACIAS Laura. Your book will help me a lot.
I love the way you organized the chapters and that you cover things like food, banking, pregnancy, etc; things that other books never cover.
Reader,if you need, want to move to Argentina this is the Bible you need to read and to take with you!

Hugh Alexander

My wife and I have been researching the move to Argentina for over a year. We've consulted dozens of websites, travel guides, friends, etc etc. But this book did for us in a few hours what had been taking us weeks of research. It is easy to read, intelligently organized, and full of practical suggestions that you have to string together from multiple sources without the book. If your time is worth even a few dollars an hour, the investement in this book will pay immediate dividends if you've already made up your mind to move, and if you haven't decided yet, it can help clarify things for you pretty fast.

moving to argentina

Thanks for the great comments and feedback! I've always been glad to hear that my blog has helped people and to be honest I had a bit of trepidation that my ebook wouldn't measure up and be as useful as I wanted it to be, but it seems that my fears were more than a bit unfounded!

I hope that the book continues to be useful as more and more people look towards moving to Buenos Aires, and in the meantime I will continue to post more useful information in my blogs.

Thanks again!


Your ebook has been greatly beneficial for myself, my wife and our 2 year old daughter's move to Argentina. At times during my research I used your ebook as a reference, like every twenty year old traveler in Europe with their Lonely Planet guide book as their bible. Even after relocating to Argentina I continue to use your book as a reference. You have answered so many of our questions. Not only did your ebook help us with our planning and research, but when we had more questions you were an email click away from providing more valuable help.
Thanks once again,


Hola Laura! I just came across your site and felt the urge the write to you. My Husband and I are from Argentina but have been in the States, California, for over 20 years and it's here where our 2 teenagers were born. A trip to BA, 4 years ago, ignited in me the need to go back but couldn't get the rest of the family, specially my Daughter and Husband, to get aboard. We just came back from another visit to our wonderful Buenos Aires and now the wish to move and live in Argentina has touched us all! My Son and Daughter want to study in BA and I would love for them to do it. My Husband can now consider the idea (something that I thought it was basically impossible). Buenos Aires is more beautiful and exciting than ever. We have traveled a lot around the world and can definitely say that BA has it all: the best food, tons of culture and fantastic people. Unfortunately has also some big political and economical problems what makes a move back a serious, serious, actually very serious decision. At almost 50, mu Husband and I would like to semi-retire and that's not cheap. I have given myself one year to research and find a way to make a living without having to get a 10 to 5 job will be our dream to go back to our country and give our kids the opportunity of a different lifestyle. I'll be coming back and reading your blog often. In the meantime, thank you so much for all your information! You can always find me on line at or at my own blog:
Keep in touch, Chau!
Con todo carino,

zach bruce

the price on this page is $14.95 but when you click the paypal it is $24.95???

Laura Zurro

Thanks for letting me know about the problem with the price! There is a glitch on this page that is giving me trouble to fix, so if you reach this page and it says 24.95, please go to the main page - and click on the link on the top left of the page.


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