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Crunchy mom, entrepreneur, traveler, dreamer, food lover, writer. the last two years we've managed to have a daughter in Buenos Aires, sucessfully navigated getting her birth citizenship and passports recorded for both the U.S. and Argentina, and eventually will for France as well.

We now spend our time split between Buenos Aires and Miami because of our business.


travel, spanish, reading, writing, france, meeting new people, biodiversity, attachment parenting, yoga

favorite foods: cheese, reblechon, jamon serrano, maitena, motorcycle diaries, cheese and more cheese!!!!...raclette, epoisse, roaring 40's blue, humboldt fog, cheddar, etc. etc. etc.!!! sushi, good authentic indian foods, sauturne wine, organic foods

favorite movies: la femme nikita, taxi (french version), french kiss

books: cheese primer, the tipping point

, my daughter! babywearing, living a great life. favorite things: horseback riding