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I wouldn't say there are "a lot", but there are a decent number, and some of them quite good. It's a relatively new "phenomenon" for Buenos Aires, being the beef capital of the universe, but there's enough demand that restaurants have been popping up for the last few years, and more and more are quite creative. There's even a "raw/living foods" restaurant that recently opened.

moving to argentina

There are definately vegetarian options here in Buenos Aires. It seems that each day more restaurants pop up. There are also a lot of "natural" places, with organic products but if you're strict you'll want to ask about the ingredients. Two restaurants I've eaten in that are pretty good are Bio in Palermo, and Demetria in Saavedra and their new one in San Isidro. Also, I would direct you to the yahoo group buenos aires newcomers, there was a lengthy post about the topic about three months ago.

renata dumitrascu

Are there a lot of vegetarian restaurants there? Just curious.


Must be a difference of being from New York before moving here. McD's has been delivering in NYC for years!

yanqui mike

Ha! Not only Mickey and the Doc but...

...a few days ago my pet monkey rat needed an ULTRASOUND! due to some liver/kidney inflamation.

Yep. Right to the door with all the gizmos inside a shoulder bag and what a stewardess might carry aboard.


miss tango

and if you are too sick to leave the house, the Dr. comes too! Verdad!

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